Independent Type Foundry Advent Calendar – Day 18: Vectro

Vectro is a type design studio based in Portland founded in 2021 by Lizy Gershenzon and Travis Kochel. The two have been running the design studio Scribble Tone for several years but their most-noticed project (and company) is probably Future Fonts, a platform for experimental, high-quality fonts in progress. On Future Fonts, type designers can sell early, unfinished versions of their typefaces at a fraction of the final price to support further development and get early feedback. But most importantly, Lizy and Travis have created a community with Future Fonts that empowers type designers to grow and learn. Foundries like Ohno or Blast owe much of their success to the visibility they have on Future Fonts, and in the community Slack channel, seasoned designers like Kris Sowersby are providing feedback and useful advice.

Vectro is Lizy‘s and Travis‘s latest endeavor and the new home for all their own typefaces going forward. But they’re also collaborating with other type designers to build up a library that is useful, playful, and expressive, but that also leverages latest font technologies like variable fonts.

Rainer is a tightly compressed sans with a large x-height by Philipp Neumeyer (whom you might remember from his designs published with TypeMates). The typeface started out on Future Fonts as well and now found its way into Vectro‘s catalog. Vctr Mono is a warm and slightly goofy monospaced typeface by Travis and Lizy that was inspired by text found on the lenses and bodies of manual cameras. Analog is a confident, wide industrial sans-serif with low contrast. And WHOA is an experimental variable font, “named after the sound commonly heard after dragging the slider for the first time.” Try it. It’s true. :)

Trial fonts are available and students get a 50 % discount on all fonts.

Screenshot Future Fonts Theodor Font
Screenshot Future Fonts Marionette Font
Screenshot Future Fonts
Screenshot Kicker
Screenshot Wildberry
Screenshot Analog
Screenshot Whoa 6
Screenshot Whoa 5
Screenshot Whoa 4
Screenshot Whoa 3
Screenshot Whoa 2
Screenshot Whoa
Screenshot Vctr Mono 3
Screenshot Vctr Mono 2
Screenshot Vctr Mono
Screenshot Rainer 2
Screenshot Rainer 3
Screenshot Rainer 1
Screenshot Vectro library
Screenshot Vectro website

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