What I’m doing now

Hi, I’m Matthias. I’m a consultant user experience designer and web design engineer from Stuttgart, Germany. I run workshops on modern responsive web design, prototyping, and design engineering with teams worldwide and teach Interface Prototyping at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

This is my now page, on which I share what I’m up to besides my project work as an independent designer. If you have your own site, you should make a now page, too.


After publishing my latest article, Into the Personal Website-Verse, I received lots of positive comments and I’m eager to publish more soon. Currently, I am working on a follow-up article with more hands-on advice on starting your own website, for example.


I am still ordering far more books than I can read. ;) Currently, I’m reading:


I just started working on a new project with Craft CMS and I’m looking forward to learn more about the details of version 3 of the CMS. Also, I still want to take a deeper look into Vue.js, because I heard a lot of praise for this JS framework.

Workshops / Talks

Last week, I lead another design and prototyping workshop for Adobe with Adobe XD in Dresden, Germany. It was the first stop of a workshop tour across Germany and later Europe, which is a really nice addition to the workshops at conferences. I’m really enjoying those hands-on workshops and so I am currently preparing two new workshops: Responsive Web Design Masterclass and UX Prototyping for the Web. If you're interested in such a workshop, let me know.

Last updated 17 June 2019, from Stuttgart, Germany