Into The Personal Website Verse Wide 01

Into the Personal-Website-Verse

More and more people are rediscovering their personal websites as an alternative to social media that provides more control and freedom of expression. It's time to connect our sites even further and create a decentralized fabric of interconnected personal sites that enables each individual to engage in an open discussion – answering, challenging, and acknowledging the ideas of others through a universe of personal sites.

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Saving Web Workflows Prototyping

Saving Your Web Workflows with Prototyping

Our static tools and linear workflows aren’t the right fit for the flexible, diverse reality of today’s Web. Making prototyping a central element of your workflows will radically change how you approach problem solving and save you a lot of headaches. But most importantly, you will be creating the right products and features in a way that resonates with the true nature of the Web. A discourse on processes, flexibility, the Web as a material, and how we build things.

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Resolving Gridlock 01

Resolving CSS Gridlock

CSS Grid will radically change the way we do layout on the Web. But for this change to happen, we will need to learn how to play this new instrument.

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Beyond Tellerrand Welcome Back

Off the Beaten Track

When designing and building things for the web, it’s tempting to fall into the trap of doing things the We-have-always-done-it-that-way™. But good design isn't about being right. It's about finding useful, accessible, memorable, entertaining, and appropriate solutions to real problems. A look at three ideas and three inspiring talks from beyond tellerrand 2017.

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Arpanet Ucla Room 3420

Going Indie. Step 2: Reclaiming Content

We have lost control over our content. To change this, we need to reconsider the way we create and consume content online. We need to create a new set of tools that enable an independent, open web for everyone.

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Declaration Independence

Going Indie. Step 1: Securing Privacy

In a world of global mass surveillance and multinational corporations owning what we share and like, the need for an open, independent web has never been greater. It is about time to take back control, reclaim our digital future and rebuild a web for everyone.

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Nakagin Capsule Tower Tokyo

Patterns Beyond Context

Design patterns never exist in isolation, they are always part of a greater whole. They are informed and shaped by their context, but also by content and contrast. We should take this into account when we design our pattern libraries and bring them to the next level to make them even more useful and flexible.

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beyond tellerrand Berlin 2016 – Mike Monteiro on stage

Beyond Tellerrand Berlin 2016

Reports on three brilliant talks of beyond tellerrand Berlin 2016, a great conference about design, development, and all things web.

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Manhattan Bridge Construction 1909 Blue

Closing the Gaps

Making websites has become increasingly complex. The multitude of options is as promising as it is challenging: How can beginners decide which tools they should use? How can seasoned professionals keep up with newest developments? How can we combine working with learning to close the knowledge gaps that continue to grow? An investigation.

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Btconf 2016

Beyond Tellerrand 2016

Last weekend, I travelled to Düsseldorf and attended the IndieWebCamp and also beyond tellerrand, a conference about design, development, and all things web. I’ll say it plain: If you never have been at a conference, you should go. If you never have been at beyond tellerrand, you should definitely go as soon as possible. Here's why.

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Relaunch Repro

The Art of the Restart

Websites aren't rockets. So why do we still far too often approach web projects like rocket launches? It's time to start planning for continuous change.

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