Hi, I’m Matthias Ott, independent user experience designer and design engineer from Stuttgart, Germany. I teach interface prototyping at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design and am @matthiasott on Mastodon. I’m also a proud member of the IndieWeb community and curate the Own Your Web newsletter.

Selected Articles

Into The Personal Website Verse Wide 01

Into the Personal-Website-Verse

More and more people are rediscovering their personal websites as an alternative to social media that provides more control and freedom of expression. It's time to connect our sites even further and create a decentralized fabric of interconnected personal sites that enables each individual to engage in an open discussion – answering, challenging, and acknowledging the ideas of others through a universe of personal sites.

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Saving Web Workflows Prototyping

Saving Your Web Workflows with Prototyping

Our static tools and linear workflows aren’t the right fit for the flexible, diverse reality of today’s Web. Making prototyping a central element of your workflows will radically change how you approach problem solving and save you a lot of headaches. But most importantly, you will be creating the right products and features in a way that resonates with the true nature of the Web. A discourse on processes, flexibility, the Web as a material, and how we build things.

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