Hi, I’m Matthias Ott, independent user experience designer and user interface engineer from Stuttgart, Germany. I teach interface prototyping at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design and am @m_ott on Twitter. I am also a proud member of the IndieWeb community and wrote a Webmention Plugin for Craft CMS.

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Declaration Independence

Going Indie. Step 1: Securing Privacy

In a world of global mass surveillance and multinational corporations owning what we share and like, the need for an open, independent web has never been greater. It is about time to take back control, reclaim our digital future and rebuild a web for everyone.

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Nakagin Capsule Tower Tokyo

Patterns Beyond Context

Design patterns never exist in isolation, they are always part of a greater whole. They are informed and shaped by their context, but also by content and contrast. We should take this into account when we design our pattern libraries and bring them to the next level to make them even more useful and flexible.

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