What’s Too Good to Be True?

The web platform is changing rapidly these days. With every major browser release, more and more powerful features get added, many of which are based on previous input about what web developers need to build better for the web. One way for browser vendors and developer advocates to get this useful input is to ask web developers about what features they are interested in or where their biggest pain points are. Last year, for example, many people shared their CSS wishlists.

Brian Kardell, developer advocate at Igalia, just asked the opposite question: which of the features that got shipped in the last few years have actually proved to be the most valuable? Which features do you use all the time? An interesting question to think about for a little while. Also because we tend to overlook how fantastic it is to be able to use those features which would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. Or, as Jeremy demonstrated in his talk at border:none last year, many of the features we now take for granted actually almost sound “too good to be true”.

So, what features are this for me? What features am I using almost daily or don’t want to miss anymore? Here’s a quick list:

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things and you might have your own favorites, so feel free to reply with your own blog post. I’m curious to see what features you can’t live without anymore.


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