What is it for?

Yesterday, I shared some advice by Seth Godin from an interview with Chase Jarvis. Today, I’ll do the same again, but not because I’m lazy (at least not this time) but because I think it’s a great follow up and just as actionable and useful advice.

It goes like this: Whenever you need to communicate, write, build, or create something, always ask yourself

What is it for?

This sounds like the most obvious thing in the world to ask, but how many times have you been part of a project where you built something just because you were told to do so or because everybody does it this way? Or how many times have you seen clients demand changes that obviously had nothing to do with the purpose of the project? And how many times have you started a task without really knowing what it really is for? Far too often, this simple and important question is neglected.

Am I a professional who is doing this in a way that the work matches what the work is for?

Asking yourself this question can completely change the way you approach your creative process, how you plan what to build and what to focus on. It makes sure you consider the true purpose of the work you are doing. It lets you eliminate the unnecessary and ambiguous. But most importantly, if you have found an answer to this question, it gives you the confidence to march into the unknown, to try out new things without knowing if they will work, and to be persistent, patient, and passionate – because you know why you are doing it.

This works for whatever you are up to – whether you are writing a blog post or a newsletter, planning an event, taking pictures, running an agency, coding a website, or building a prototype. So whatever it is that you are working on at the moment: What is it for?


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