Updates About Updates

I love reading posts in which people talk about recent updates to their personal sites. It does three things:

  1. It shows the person reading your post that you care about this little corner of the Web and that it is worth doing so.
  2. It (most often) demonstrates why you picked a certain solution and how you implemented it. Maybe it even introduces your readers to a new idea they haven’t thought about yet. Most definitely, they will learn something new.
  3. It acts as motivation for people to work on their sites, as well. And it also shows that you, too, might have experienced a few roadblocks and had to make decisions with an unclear outcome – regardless of how experienced you are or how many followers you have. The medium is the message.

Just recently, Hidde wrote an in-depth post outlining his approach to adding a dark mode toggle to his site. This made Kilian link to a post in which he explains his approach of adding a third option for the default system setting. And now, Ethan has written about his recent updates to his site, including, you already guessed it, his new theme switcher.

Last week, I released a little starter kit for Eleventy Plus Vite that already respects the user’s system settings for a light or dark mode via the prefers-color-scheme media query. The next thing on my list is to add a theme switcher. I’ll read all posts I can find, including Hidde’s, Kilian’s, and Ethan’s, with much interest and will then publish an update about this update here.

Why don’t you do the same with something you are working on?


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Ben Myers
I don't always write meta-updates like this, but today I was inspired by @m_ott's post here!
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Mike Aparicio
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