Time To Fresh Blogpost

I want to start a little experiment: I want to see if I can reduce my TTFB, which is, of course, short for “time to fresh blogpost”.

Why? Because I think this is something where I can still improve a lot. Although I am aware that a few of you are indeed reading my posts and that this comes with some responsibility, I now also know that there really is no bar for a blog post. And although I’ll always strive to write useful things, I’ve reached a point where I think that writing about more things faster is actually a worthwhile goal. The more ideas you put out into the world, the larger the surface for those ideas to connect, interact, and flourish.

One thing that keeps me from publishing more is that I (still) fiddle around with many posts for too long. There is a time for perfecting a post and going really deep, don’t get me wrong. On the Web, however, it’s smart to save this polishing for the pieces you love the most. For the rest, the most important thing is that you hit publish.

So, here is the challenge: Each day, I’ll write about something for no more than half an hour. 30 minutes. If I am faster than that, fine. If not, then… I don’t know, haha. Maybe I’ll publish the post anyway – unfinished? For how long do I want to do this? I have no idea, either. Looks like I still have to think about a few details, but hey – I just finished the first post.


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@matthiasott Hehe, nice! I’ve been playing with the same idea. Perhaps I should get to it as well.
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@matthiasott I wrote blogs daily last month, it wasn't bad at all :P You can do it!
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@timsev [Ben Stiller Do It GIF]