There Is No Secret Code

Back in design school, I spent days – weeks even – trying to crack the secret code of a given topic. Typography? Once I know all the rules and all the typefaces, I’ll be a well-versed typographer. Logo design? Once I have looked at enough logos to understand what the essence of logo design is, I’ll be able to design great logos myself. Flash? Once I've fully understood all the concepts and methods of ActionScript, I’ll have mastered Flash for good.

Except that there is no secret code. There is only cutting your teeth. There is only doing. There is only practice. There is only learning what you have to learn to get the job done. There is no right or wrong. There is only what works and what doesn’t.


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Jason Rueckert
I'm reminded of this when I get stuck in tutorial hell and I have to remember that doing another tutorial isn't going to make me a better developer. But just getting back to work on my project, will.