Spirits That I’ve Cited

I have a tip for everyone who’s now – or very soon – trying to find out whether a text was written by a human or an AI.

Sure, you could train another AI to look for clues and confidently call it a “classifier”. But chances are, your classifier won’t be fully reliable. It might not work on short texts. Or, it might incorrectly but confidently label AI-written text as human-written. Also, people will sure as hell edit AI-written text so that it can’t be detected anymore.

Given that you have no idea how those algorithms really work, you might as well just use the classifier written by the same company that is currently gifting you the gift of AI for free. Sounds really reassuring, right?

Instead, how about you try this:

Look for the soul.


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@matthiasott That's the ultimative business model: Sell something, wait and then sell the antidote. Has already worked in the Middle Ages
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@matthiasott I’m anticipating the point where AI starts eating itself: when there is so much AI-generated content that other AIs are consuming and being trained on almost entirely AI-generated content...no idea what the internet is going to look like then 🙃;
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@michelle And we’ll have no way to tell what’s real and what isn’t anymore. 🤡; I really don’t know how to prepare my kids for this. Teachers/schools certainly aren’t aware of or ready for that avalanche.