A lot of us are still working from home these days. Many are in meetings every day, more and more people are holding important customer presentations or running workshops from their little home office, and some are even joining podcasts and online meetups as guests, or are starting their own video channels or video courses.

Naturally, high-quality sound is something to think about. It might even be the most important part of your appearance, even more crucial than good video and lighting. So we might buy better microphones or treat out rooms with foam or, way way better, absorbing sound panels.

There is, however, one little detail that many noobs – me included – tend to forget about but which makes a huge difference in how our recordings sound, even (or especially) with the best of microphones: the reflective surfaces right in front of you.

If you have the feeling (or recorded proof) that your microphone picks up a lot of boomy reflections, consider adjusting the position so that it faces more away from your desk or computer monitors. As Bandrew demonstrates in this plain and simple explainer video, this tiny change can make a huge difference!

And it might even save you a bit of money, as well. Boom! (Sorry.)


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