Independent Type Foundry Advent Calendar – Day 23: Typotheque

Typotheque is a type design studio based in The Hague, Netherlands. Founded in 1999 by Peter Biľak, who also teaches typeface design at the renowned postgraduate course TypeMedia at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, the foundry is well-known for the excellent design quality of its typefaces and a focus on extended language support. Many of the typefaces in the vast catalogue are superfamilies that come with sans, serif, display, or mono styles and support for hundreds of languages.

Greta is a superfamily designed by Peter Biľak that was been planned from the outset as a system of interrelated styles. Following the architectural approach Adrian Frutiger pioneered with his Univers, Greta was not only designed as a family of weights and styles but also as a system of continuous optical sizes.

Brenner is a superfamily designed by Nikola Djurek that also combines various styles, like a rational, unobtrusive neo-grotesk sans-serif and a confident, high-contrast serif, into a coherent type system.

Ping is a resolutely modern, fluid sans-serif typeface designed by Peter Biľak and various others with a special design approach: its simplified letterforms are constructed with the least number of pen strokes. So lowercase letters ‘a’, ‘d’, ‘p’, ‘b’ and ‘g’ are drawn without lifting the pen at all.

Rapida by Michelangelo Nigra’s, which started as a thesis project on the TypeMedia master's course, is a charming serif designed for long form reading. It’s counterpart, Rapidissima, takes the design ideas behind Rapids to the extremes with dramatic sloping (24 degrees), very high contrast between strokes, and sharp and extressive lettershapes.

You can try all Typotheque fonts with Fontstand and they also offer an 80 % educational discount for students, teachers, faculty, schools, and educational institutions.

Screenshot Rapidissima
Screenshot Rapida
Screenshot Ping design information
Screenshot Ping 2
Screenshot Ping
Screenshot Parmigiano Text 2
Screenshot Parmigiano Text
Screenshot Brenner Sans 3
Screenshot Brenner
Screenshot Brenner Sans 2
Screenshot Brenner Sans
Screenshot Greta design information
Screenshot Greta Display 2
Screenshot Greta Display
Screenshot Greta Sans 2
Screenshot Greta Sans
Screenshot Typotheque library
Screenshot Typotheque website

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