Independent Type Foundry Advent Calendar – Day 13: Newglyph

Newglyph is a type design studio based in Lausanne, Switzerland, founded by Ian Party and his team in 2019. If that name rings a bell, it’s because just yesterday, we looked at another foundry Ian co-founded: Swiss Typefaces. Newglyph is his latest endeavor and is focused on “the research, design, and development of fonts and variable font technology”. Also, 10% of the foundry’s proceeds go to non-profit organizations “committed to protecting our planet and all life on earth”.

The library of Newglyph currently consists of two major font collections that were all designed by Ian himself. In a way, the collections are taking the design approach Ian used for his designs at Swiss Typefaces one step further by making all of the designs variable fonts. Ian’s goal was to make “all these styles interpolate and blend together to make it a fluid aesthetic variable font with enormous possibilities in styles that had never been done before.” If you give the website access to your motion sensor (gyroscope) on a mobile device, you’ll be able to manipulate the weight and width of the files by moving your device, by the way. On devices with a pointing device, the cursor movement will change the weight and width of the type.

The Classic collection consists of 7 variable fonts – Antarctica, Baikal, Crystal, Sunlight, Alpaga, Amazonia, Alaska, and Atacama – that range from grotesk and geometric sans-serifs over monospaced fonts to several serif designs. All designs share the same attention to detail and a certain Swiss precision but also have their very own contemporary character.

When designing a curve I think of the quickest and most efficient way to design a curve, for example, like a rollercoaster. It’s precise like a mathematical calculation, with an added bonus of emotions and feelings.

Ian Party

The Discovery collection, on the other hand, is all about expressiveness. It’s all in there: geometric shapes, organic shapes, extreme contrasts, abruptly cut-off terminals, and confident strokes in all directions. And again, almost all typefaces in the collection are variable fonts.

The license for all fonts includes desktop, web, apps, electronic publications, video, and much more – basically everything you’ll ever need as well as free updates. You can get free trial fonts with a limited character set and students can buy a lifetime license for each typeface for 50 CHF and only 150 CHF for whole collections.

Screenshot Azteca
Screenshot Angela
Screenshot Agatha
Screenshot Oddity
Screenshot Africa
Screenshot Stardust
Screenshot Discovery collection
Screenshot Atacama light condensed
Screenshot Atacama
Screenshot Sunlight italic
Screenshot Sunlight
Screenshot Antarctica Text
Screenshot Antarctica Bold Italic
Screenshot Antarctica Light
Screenshot Classic collection 2
Screenshot Classic collection
Screenshot Classic collection light condensed
Screenshot newglyph website

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