How often should you publish work on your site? Once a month? Once a week? Daily even? When you ask other creators or look on the Web for advice, you will get the most diverse answers to this question.

People who post daily will tell you that, of course, you should post daily to stimulate your brain and train your writing skills or other creative muscles. Only by repetition, by doing small, creative tasks over and over again, you will gain fluency and develop a personal style.

People who don’t post that often might tell you that your brain needs time to think. That you need periods of time where you don’t force yourself to publish something, no matter what. That developing a standpoint and creating outstanding work takes time and that you should therefore only publish a piece when it is refined and elaborate.

So, who’s right? As with so many things, it depends. Publishing regularly and frequently will indeed activate your brain and you will start thinking about what to publish next – which leads to more ideas and more output after a while. By taking your time, on the other hand, you will indeed publish more refined pieces. Without practice, though, you won’t achieve mastery, so finding a creative habit and sticking to it is important.

But the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the way you publish your work. If you feel guilty for not publishing often enough, the only answer might be to write or create more often. If you feel pressured to publish daily and also don’t enjoy it anymore, then maybe just don’t publish so often. Try out what works best for you and find a frequency that feels right. Then, publish the work you love.


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