Doing Our Part

I’m right with Dave on this one! 💚

I’m tired of environmental responsibility always falling on the consumer. I know consumer demand bubbles up into societal change, I’m willing to do my part. But as a consumer it feels like I’m throwing time and money at a solution without a critical mass behind it.”


The societal structures we form around people should be the infrastructure for change and should lead initiative.”

But it is also important to know that emphasizing individual responsibility is one of the new strategies of the fossil fuel industry to distract from their own contributions and to create “apocalypse fatigue” – you don’t act because it doesn’t seem to make a difference anyway.

When it comes to individual action, we have to get to a point where we all realize that we are, actually, not alone. Some of us drive and fly less often, some eat less or no meat, some save energy or install solar panels. Some of us join a climate movement, but not everyone has to.

But we all do something, because it is the right thing to do. And even if it feels like we are the only person doing it, it will make a difference.

We can see it when the folks at Apple start talking about how “green” their products are in their keynotes.

We can see it when, suddenly, discounters in Germany start printing on their packaging how much plastic they are saving.

We can see it when, seemingly out of nowhere, we elect leaders who actually make change happen.


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Dave Rupert
Let’s keep this climate conversation going. Thanks for your thoughts @m_ott.
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Amelia Wattenberger ????; 華;曼;如;
how can we balance feeling empowered to make changes to help the climate vs the helplessness of being just a consumer feels like a start is to talk more about how to make even a tiny change (like fund a fight against deforestation via @project_wren)…