We Are Team Internet. We Need to Save #NetNeutrality.

Once more, net neutrality is under attack. This founding principle of the open web guarantees that all data packages are treated equally – regardless of content or the amount of money you pay your service provider. Net neutrality keeps the internet open and uncensored and by that fosters freedom of speech and an exchange of ideas.

Today, 12 July, is the internet-wide day of action to save net neutrality. And we all have a voice and a responsibility to stop this threat to the open web.

So join the protest by adding an alert to your site, change your avatar, spread the word on social media, or do what you do best to fight for net neutrality. To learn more, visit battleforthenet.com or read more about why the 12 July protest to protect net neutrality matters.

We need to stop this together. We are team internet.

Thanks to @webrocker for the reminder!


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