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La Biosthétique Paris

Total Beauty Treatment

La Biosthétique Paris stands for the combination of natural ingredients, state-of-the-art research and a passion for beauty. Their care and make-up products rank among the best – as do their beauty salons. I teamed up with Liganova for the relaunch of

We created a design with high attention to detail and a recognizable visual style that reflects La Biosthétique’s idea of total beauty by reducing the design to its aesthetic and functional core. In making this work, especially in an interactive project, nuanced typography plays a decisive role.

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With regards to the shop, making the wide product range easily accessible was important, so we decided to go with a speaking search and put special care into the filter options. The color codes of the product categories provide additional orientation for customers who already have found their favorite product line.

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What I worked on in this project:
Concept, wireframing in Axure, functional HTML prototypes for typography, specific modules, and animations. Visual design and documentation in a style guide.

La Biosthetique Styleguide