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Bosch TrackMyTools

Enabling the Internet of Tools

TrackMyTools is a subscription service from Bosch that lets you manage your professional power tools and track their position via a low-energy Bluetooth tag. I joined the IoT specialists from iq! in Munich to kickstart a completely new kind of product: Bosch’s first ecosystem for the internet of things.

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Because TrackMyTools is a completely new kind of service, we had to make sure that people would understand both the functionality of the system as well as the required components. Based on user stories, we designed a responsive website that explains TrackMyTools to craftsmen and inventory managers in a visually rich design.

Bosch Trackmytools How
Bosch Trackmytools Wireframe

Prototyping in the browser speeded things up and provided the basic structure for frontend development. After defining the visual language by layouting the most important pages, most of the responsive design was done directly in the browser.

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Bosch Trackmytools Checkout

What I did in this project:
Wireframes and prototyping, visual design – together with Scott Wilms, responsive frontend development.