Never done.


I spent two weeks in August visiting my sister in New York. It was the first time for me in New York and one of the things that impressed me the most, was the perpetual movement of the city. This city really never sleeps. Everything seems to constantly evolve and change. Even such an evolved and established system as the Subway, which is now 114 (!) years old, isn’t at all “done”. For example, closed platforms in the south of Manhattan tell of the changing ridership over the years when more and more people started to work in Midtown Manhattan. The system adapts to the changing city. Somehow, New York felt like an agglomeration of interwoven systems that all have a prototypical element to them. Rough. Unfinished. Constantly exploring what works and what doesn’t. I really like that.

I wish more projects were like that: Acknowledging the fact that the world around us is constantly changing and we are therefore never really done.


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